Art&craft Workshops

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Want less screen and more creative activities? Our fine arts projects will keep children interested and make some beautiful crafts to show for! 

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Past events

Creation of a Comic

Creation of a small book consisting of a series of images in different positions that create the illusion of flowing movement when the thumb is placed so the pages flip quickly!


Pop Art & Craft 

Initiation to Lacerated Posters technique inspired by the artist Jacques de Villeglé! From an object (stool, basket, suitcase, flowerpot, lamp), using recycled materials, we cut and glue fabric paper cardboard newspapers to makeover, designer, give a second life to a sleeping or aging object. Bring your newspapers, old books, magazines, scrap fabric and object you wish to cover!


Creation of a FlipBook

From script to drawing and from inking to color, children will learn to create their own illustrated script!

Mille et une couleurs

Initiation to Acrylic "Pourring" technique for children! Create a poetic universe of multicolored flowers with pieces of string soaked in pots of different colors. Bring your apron & plastic gloves!

Kindly note that we need a minimum of 6 registrations to start a workshop, bring your friends!