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Let's relax our minds with a selection of French movies with English subtitles @ Alliance Française Oud Metha

Saturdays at 5 pm enjoy recent French films & Sundays at 7 pm (re)discover Classic French films. It's free for AF students with promocode COMP / AED 15 for AF members with promocode CINEM / AED 35 for non-members

3 coeurs (3 Hearts) // Saturday 27 Feb @ 5 PM

by Benoit Jacquot | 1h 48min | Drama, Romance | 2014 (France)

In a French provincial town, Marc encounters Sylvie one night, when he misses his train back to Paris. They wander through the streets until morning, immediately at ease, on the same wavelength, speaking about everything except themselves. When Marc gets the first train to Paris the following day, he asks Sylvie to come and meet him there a few days later. They know nothing about each other. Sylvie turns up for their rendezvous, but Marc unfortunately doesn't make it. He tries to find Sylvie, and in the process, encounters another woman, Sophie, unaware that she is Slyvie's sister. As part of the film series "A vos amours"

La marquise d'O (The Marquise of O) // Sunday 28 Feb @ 7 PM 

by Éric Rohmer | 1h 42min | Drama, History | 1976 (France)

1799, the General Souvarof invades Italy. The Marquise of O is a young widow. Her father commands a zone in the thick of battle that is soon overcome by the Russians. A Russian lieutenant colonel, Count F, carries her off to a wing of the castle, and, when she faints, rapes her. The Marquise, unconscious at the time and therefore unaware of his act, thinks of him as her saviour and regrets being unable to express her thanks. Before long, she starts experiencing strange sensations. As part of the film series "A vos amours"

L'Heure de la sortie (School's Out)// Saturday 13 March @ 5 PM by Sébastien Marnier | 1h 44min | Fiction | 2018 (France)

When Pierre Hoffman entered the prestigious College of Saint Joseph, he noticed a diffuse hostility and deaf violence among the 3rd 1s. Was it because their French teacher had just thrown himself out of the window in the middle of class? Is it because they are a pilot class of gifted children? Because they seem terrified of the ecological threat and have lost all hope for the future? From curiosity to obsession, Pierre will try to discover their secret?

Pépé le moko (Blame it on the Casbah)// Sunday 14 March @ 7 PM by Julien Duvivier | 1h 34min | Fiction | 1937 (France)

Pépé le Moko, leader of a gang of criminals, took refuge in the Kasbah of Algiers with the members of his gang, Pierrot, Carlos and Grandfather, and his mistress Inès. The police are trying to lure him out of the Kasbah, where he is practically impregnable. With the help of an informer, Régis, inspector Slimane, tries to get Pépé out of his "kingdom".

Au nom de la terre (In the name of the land)// Saturday 20 March @ 5 PM by Edouard Bergeon | 1h 50min | Fiction | 2019(France)

Thomas was barely an adolescent when his father, Pierre, killed himself. Now, events brutally return him to the tragedy that marked his youth. The time has come for this farmer’s son to confront his past, and face the legacy of the land. Inspired by true events and his own family history, director Bergeon brings us a powerful story of resilience set in dramatic and beautiful countryside.

Caméra d'Afrique(Twenty Years of African Cinema) // Sunday 21 March @ 7 PM 

by Férid Boughedir | 1h38min | Documentary | 1983 (France)

Africans who had become independent finally took possession of this camera  to tell the realities of Africa in its multiplicity and diversity, finally seen through African eyes. Caméra d'Afrique, the result of a ten-year filming period, tells the story of the first 20 years of these new "Cinémas d'auteur" born in sub-Saharan Africa, and testifies to a thirst for showing and expressing something new.

Poissonsexe (Fishlove)// Sunday 27 March @ 5 PM 

by Olivier Babinet | 1h39min | Fiction | 2020(France)

While Miranda, the last whale in the world, makes the headlines, Daniel, a stubborn physicist, tries to make the fishes want to copulate again. A disillusioned bachelor, he is himself haunted by the desire to be a father and intends to treat this problem scientifically. The snag is that in Bellerose there are only 3 women of childbearing age, or one chance out of 6232.33 to meet the mother of his future children. Yet one day, by saving a strange fish from drowning, Daniel will learn how to fall in love again.

Moi, un noir (Me, a black)// Sunday 28 March @ 7 PM 

by Jean Rouch | 1h12min | Fiction | 1958(France)

A week in the life of Oumarou Ganda and his friends from the Niger who are working as casual labourers in the harbour at Abidjan in the Ivory Coast. In the film, Ganda adopts the pseudonym of the film star Edward G. Robinson.

Romeo and Juliette// Monday 29 March @ 2:30 PM 

by William Shakespeare | played by La Comédie Française | 3 hours 

Romeo and Juliet is probably Shakespeare's best known work. It has become, over time and the multiple adaptations of which it has been the object, the incarnation of the absolute love story. This tragedy that conceals tasty moments of comedy is a play of contrasts between the naivety of distraught teenagers and the programmed violence of the Montagues and Capulets who blood Verona.

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