On a 20 ans pour changer le monde (We Have 20 Years To Change The World) // 

by Hélène Médigue | 1h 26min | Documentaire | 2018 (France)

"We have 20 years to change the world… and it all starts with the land that nourishes us. The facts are there: 60% of the soil is dead, and the current mode of production does not feed the planet. But men and women rise to the challenge and demonstrate that we can do without pesticides and chemical inputs for all our food. Thanks to their communicative energy which shakes up speeches and habits, another world is possible!"

Le vin se lève (Wine calling) // 

by Bruno Sauvard | 1h 35min | Documentaire | 2018 (France)

While there are more than 3,000 wine growers in France, less than 3 percent of them are working in bio, biodynamic or natural methods of wine production. WINE CALLING showcases some of the most exciting new French wine makers, leaders of a rising global movement calling for superior taste and sustainability.

Life is one // 

by Patrick Rouxel  | 52 min | Film | 2016 

This is the story of three orphan sun bear cubs from Indonesia and their return to the wild. The story is told by the foster parent of these cubs who accompanied them to their independence. The viewer is placed in total immersion with the bears in the rainforest and discovers how beautiful, joyful and energetic they are. The film is a tribute to life on earth, a reminder that we are all connected and that we owe respect and compassion to those we share the planet with.

Home // 

by Yann Arthurs-Bertrand  | 2h 00min | documentary | 2009 

A documentary on the state of the earth as seen from the sky, showing the pressure that man is putting on the environment and the consequences this has on climate change. Yann Arthus-Bertrand does not present it as a disaster film but as a message of hope, reminding us that there are still 10 years to act. The themes addressed are all related to the environment : lack of water deforestation, melting ice and the depletion of natural resources.

Le vrai prix de la mode (The true cost) // 

by Andrew Morgan  | 1h 32min | documentary | 2015 

The True Cost is a documentary film exploring the impact of fashion on people and the planet. Filmed in countries all over the world, from the brightest runways to the darkest slums, and featuring interviews with leading fashion influencers including Stella McCartney, Livia Firth and Vandana Shiva, The True Cost is an unprecedented project that invites us on an eye opening journey around the world and into the lives of the many people and places behind our clothes.

Bienvenue chez super Cafoutch (Welcome to Super Cafoutch)// 

by Bole Nicolas  | 1h 00min | documentary | 2019 

In Marseille, a group of citizens are trying to change the rules of the consumer game by creating a cooperative supermarket. The idea: to offer quality products at prices lower than those of mass distribution, in a cooperative model, where each member gives 3 hours of work per month to be able to participate in the adventure. By following the steps and difficulties of the movement's leaders for a year and a half, discover the genesis of a new place of ethical and responsible consumption, based on horizontal governance.

Planète Océan (Planet Ocean) // 

by Yann Arthus-Bertrand  | 1h 34min | documentary | 2012

The film aims to explain some of the planet’s greatest natural mysteries, while reinforcing how essential it is that mankind learns to live in harmony with our oceans. "Planet Ocean" serves as a reminder of the bond between humanity and nature, and the duty that exists to protect and respect our planet.

Larmes de bois (Tears of Wood)  // 

by Patrick Rouxel | 26min | documentary | 2004

A visual essay on the extraordinary biodiversity of the Indonesian rainforest. This silent film follows the peaceful wondering of a dominant male orangutan, showing the forest from his point of view. It also underlines the link between tropical hardwood and the trees of the rainforest. This is the first film I made when I decided to do my part to help rainforest conservation in 2003. The title of the film is also the name of this website because it seems to capture the essence of all my films.

La prophétie des grenouilles (Raining Cats and Frogs)  // 

by Jacques-Rémy Girerd | 1h 30min | Kids And Family, Adventure | 2003

In this animated feature, the world is engulfed by a mighty flood, and farmer Ferdinand (Michel Piccoli) ; his wife, Juliette (Laurentine Milebo) ; and their son struggle to survive. Ferdinand, a former ship's captain, converts his barn into an ark and rounds up animals from the nearby zoo. The rescued animals get along well, until food runs short and the carnivorous creatures began to view their companions as lunch. Ferdinand must convince everyone to work together until the waters recede.

Les changements climatiques (The climate changers )  // 

by Samuel Schlaefli | 47min | documentary | 2015

A short documentary about civil society engagement during the historic climate conference (COP 21) in Paris in December 2015. Journalist Samuel Schlaefli and filmmaker Esther Petsche joined activists and visited them in their ateliers, in cultural centres, hostels and on the streets to document their fight for climate justice. The mobilisation in Paris showed: The fight against climate change has evolved into a full grown global grassroots movement that unites people with all kinds of different backgrounds and motivations. No longer are those global citizens willing to wait for solutions by their national leaders. 

Qu'est ce qu'on attend ? (What are we waiting for )  // 

by Marie Monique Robin | 1H 59min | documentary | 2016

Who would have thought that the star of transition towns would be a small French municipality? Believe it or not, it is Rob Hopkins himself, the founder of the Transition Network, that says so. “What are we waiting for?” tells the story of the multiple initiatives that have allowed this small Alsatian city of 2.200 inhabitants to reduce its ecological footprint.

Après demain ? (After tomorrow )  // 

by Cyril Dion, Laure Noualhat | 1H 12min | documentary | 2018

Two years after the phenomenal success of the documentary Demain (Tomorrow), Cyril Dion looks back at the initiatives that the documentary has inspired. He takes with him his friend Laure Noualhat, a renowned ecological investigator and very sceptical about the ability of micro initiatives to have a real impact in the face of climate change. Their humorous confrontation pushes them to their limits: what works, what fails? What if, in the end, all this forces us to invent a new story for humanity?

En quête de sens (In quest for meaning) // 

by Cyril Dion, Laure Noualhat | 1H 28min | documentary | 201

The film tells the story of two childhood friends who leave everything behind to go question the workings of the world. This incredible, life-changing journey across the world encourages them to reconsider their relationship with nature, happiness, and the meaning of life.

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