French Supplementary Schooling

Your child is in Primary, attending a British, local school and you want to keep a link with French language and culture?​ Offer him/her the French Supplementary Schooling! The CNED program is a distance learning lightened in French designed to help young native French speaking expatriates up with their French skills in parallel to their schooling here. 


Our approach

Our classes follow the French curriculum and focus on French language tutoring, with homework and exam corrections. For the History-Geograghy & Maths, w only provide the corrections. Regarding the levels, CP is equivalent to year 2, CE1 to year 3, CE2 to year 4, CM1 to year 5 and CM2 to year 6.

Personnalized Tutoring


Support from outside of the family generally makes studying much easier

Academic recognition


Be able to re-enroll a French school in France or abroad

Official certificate 


Get a certificate from the French Embassy once the course is completed 


Learning material: AED 2500

  • Study book

  • Course booklets, online or paper, in line with official programs

  • E-learning, digital account with various resources

  • Homework & corrections

  • Follow-up by teachers from the national education

  • Ongoing evaluation -except in July and August

  • Level cetificate based on result