French from home

Enjoy quality live classes with the comfort of home


Viewing the current situation, all our courses are currently given online. Although it may be challenging, our pedagogical team has developed a distance learning program for you to get a fun and enriching experience. Studying online is actually a convenient way either to start learning or to practice the language.


We offer both Online Groups or Private classes for Children, Teenagers and Adults of all levels. The course consists of live sessions on our webmeeting platform which allow speaking, listening, and interactions with teachers and fellow students.



They share their experience


Cécile has been teaching French at AF for 1 year

Ibrahim has been studying French at AF for 2 years

How was your distance learning experience? 


“Fantastic so far - I actually hoping we continue having online courses after the Corona situation. Saves time on traveling to class and preparing for class - makes it easier to access the course and miss less classes as you can attend from anywhere even if you are sick or stuck at work. Only challenge is there is less repetition as we cannot talk in groups but I don’t mind that as I can attend more class than I would normally do.” 

Lilian, beginner course

The main advantage, we didn’t stop the course and the learning process of French language. One disadvantage, sometimes the internet connection failure which leads to some delays or interruptions.

Magda, beginner course


It was excellent still and very well managed by the teacher and almost felt like the normal class.

Engaging, requires focus, beneficial.

Zein, intermediate level

A word form our director

The online environment requires a real effort in self-learning: it requires a lot of self-discipline, as well as time and hard work. Are 2 hours of face to face course really different from one intensive WebEx session? To us, it is equivalent. In some cases, language appropriation and learning process are even more successful with distance learning!

Mélanie Martini-Mareel, AF director