Environment Day

Alliance for the future

Saturday 5 June

FREE entrance

Celebrate the Environment day by joining our Special Screenings on June 5! Nature enthusiasts have put on their amateur filmmaker's hat to share their observations and their love for wildlife. Discover a series of 17 short films in competition selected at the last International Nature Festival in Namur. A real cocktail of genres for all film lovers: comedy, drama, militant film, animation, gangsters, war and even a youtuber, vote for your favorite one!

2:30 pm

Nature is a Spectacle!

17 Short Films about Nature

Vote for your favorite one!

5 pm

New World

followed by a Special talk with filmmaker Yann Richet

Special thanks to our partners!


Safety is our priority! 

  • Seats are are limited & set up in compliance with social distancing measures. 

  • Seats will be cleaned and disinfected after each event. 

  • Always wear a face mask or face shield at all times.

  • Stay at home if you suffer from: fever, dry cough and/or acute tiredness.