Alliance Française Dubai is proud to invite Anna Seaman and 6 six artists for an insightful exhibition inspired by protecting the ecosystem. as part of our Together&Now Festival

The World Is Too Much With Us

Exhibition from Feb 22 to March 7

Locally based arts writer Anna Seaman has invited six very different UAE-resident artists to speak out for the natural world today, as part of Together&Now Festival aimed at supporting eco-citizenship and ecological transition:

  • Soraya Sikander

  • Stephanie Neville

  • Huma Shoaib

  • Emma Skinner

  • Valentina Alexeevna

  • Jennifer Stelco

The title comes from Wordsworth’s 1807 poem of the same name, expressing his sadness about the way the natural world was being trampled by the capitalist and consumerist society emerging from the Industrial Revolution.

The artists, by exhibiting their works, hope to encourage immediate action on issues such as climate change, plastic pollution and endangered species. 

Emma Skinner. Whale Song.

“If the past 12 months has taught us anything, it is that nature is ultimately more powerful than any man-made force," says curator Anna Seaman. "The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to slow down and reconsider our habits. I chose the title of this Wordsworth sonnet for this exhibition because its powerful and heartfelt words are still so poignant."

Soraya Sikander. Thunder.

On view will be works by artists such as Soraya Sikander, who is keen on raising awareness on issues such as deforestation, climate change and sea temperature changes; Stephanie Neville, who through textile art, has designed hanging sculptures from embroidery which capture the suffering of the ocean due to excessive plastic waste; Valentina Alexeevna, who focuses on energy and consciousness, with the silhouette and patterns in her artworks presented in diverse formations, just as how life and energy are; and many more.

Stepanie Neville. Memories of the beach.

"Best-selling author Naomi Klein called climate change 'a battle between capitalism and the planet' and this battle is coming to a head with the need for radical action being more urgent than ever," says Anna. "All the artists, in their various ways, are using their art to call for change.” 

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