Presented by Calixte, French Artist-Painter

        Cette exposition retrace un parcours personnel et émotionnel. Elle parle à tous ceux qui veulent bien parler vrai, et non pas se cacher derrière des faux semblants : être soi-même avec ses émotions. Je présente plusieurs séries sur lesquelles j’ai travaillé depuis mon départ de France jusqu’à cette première année passée expatriée aux émirats.
Cette exposition est un message de vie, un hommage à la tolérance, l’acceptation des sentiments.
    This exhibition traces a personal and emotional journey It’s aiming at everyone who speaks the truth, and at the ones who are not hiding behind fake appearances: to be yourselves with our own emotions. I will display on this occasion, different series on which I worked since I left France up to now, representing my first year in Abu Dhabi. The several  series are a message about life but also a tribute to Tolerance and coming to terms with our own feelings.

Calixte Clément is French artist, she worked for 15 years as an architect, drawing and painting in parallel. Then she decided to leave the architecture to devote herself to painting, after having participated in exhibitions since 2015. "Freedom is precious to me, I find it in the technique of oil, which allows a random trip on the canvas. Passionate, I have always been amazed by nature, colors, and others inspire me every day.

The theater also allowed me to express emotions through fictional characters. My paintings talk about people, their mood, their desires, their inner life. My artistic approach is to transmit emotions".

L a  G A L E R I E

From 27 November to 31  December 2019
Alliance Française Oud Metha

Opening Cocktail Reception

Wednesday 27 November at 7 pm

La Galerie Alliance Française Oud Metha

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