French Workshops

Looking to improve your Speaking skills? Need a grammar refresher? Our French language workshops are right for you! 


Interactive Grammar

Our approach

French is a vibrant and fun language to learn! Boost your oral skills and improve your pronunciation with our Conversation workshops & develop your Grammar skills with our Interactive Grammar Workshop. Our syllabus is based on the latest teaching methods and on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). We collaborate we various French publishing houses specialized in teaching the French language. Combine it with a Course & get AED 100 off!

2 hours per week 

For 7 weeks


Online or Onsite

Oud Metha & Knowledge Park

For all levels 

From A1 to C2

Your level


A1 level - Beginner

Practice making sentences, use the vocabulary you have learnt and take part in various activities to feel at ease in different situations of your daily life, for instance at the airport, at the restaurant, in a shop, in a café or in the city. Practice expressing yourself, telling what you do on the weekends, sharing your holidays experiences and all through games and play in a friendly spirit!

A2 level - Upper-Beginner

Practice, learn and feel comfortable with interviews, talking about yourself, your family, your work, your daily life and asking about somebody else. Express everything about who you are and who you want to be! Practice with the news, advertisement and French culture. Our workshop is made for you to become really at ease when interacting in French!

B1, B2, C1 & C2 - Advanced levels

Put into practice everything you have learnt! Join our workshop and practice your French through various themes such as travelling, feelings, music or art. Play with the words and their meanings. Learn how to better express your dreams and regrets, your opinion, taking part in important topics like international news or social networks, agreement, disagreement, obligations, possibilities & prohibitions. Make a serious or funny complaint, criticize a movie or a short movie. Education, media, give your opinion... in French!


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