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Want to become a proficient French speaker in the blink of an eye? Learn at a faster pace for a very attractive price and master the 5 important skills: speaking, interacting, listening, reading & writing.

Intensive pace

6-8 hours per week for 4-7 weeks


For all levels 

From A1 to C2

Online or Onsite

Oud Metha & Knowledge Park

Our approach

Through specific communication objectives and interactive activities, you will progress from basic communicative situations to more complex interactions, where you must organize your ideas in order to inform, explain, narrate, convince, argue, or speak in public.

Our syllabus is based on the latest teaching methods and on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). We collaborate we various French publishing houses specialized in teaching the French language.

Your level


A1 level - Beginners

Learn how to greet and to introduce yourself, talk about yourself and where you are from. Practice talking about a city, how to move around and give directions. Learn how to talk about your family and everyday life. Practice telling past actions, talking about seasons, purchases, recipes and how to order at the restaurant. After this training, you will master the present tense, near future and past tense. You will also get to know more about French and francophone cultures!

A2 level - Upper-beginner

Join the “survival level” and deepen your knowledge in French! Learn how to express politeness, discuss the rules of etiquette and French gastronomy. Learn how to express feelings, acceptance, wishes, refusal, advice, obligation and prohibition. Discuss the associative environment, the “savoir-vivre” in different countries, health, technology... Talk about your projects, how to propose, accept and refuse an invitation. A rich session to live intensely!

B1 level - Intermediate

News, environment, cinema... Discover the adventurers, innovators and discuss new technologies. Practice your writing, the tenses. Discuss the differents types of Education. Learn how to express goals, causes and consequences. Be able to set your arguments on many topics, generations, news... Talk about music and Arts. Learn about the 3 registers in French, how to express regrets, dreams and much more!

B2 level - Advanced

You have now reached an advanced level, get into a new way of thinking, studying and living in French! Join our course and get really at ease with French press, radio, songs and even cooking in French! Learn how to write a newspaper article, practice debating on current topics and get to know more about socio-cultural topics. Learn how to master the grammar and be comfortable at all times. Expressing yourself in French is becoming really easy!


Your learning tools

Apolearn, your social & collaborative learning platform to interact easily with your teacher, classmates, find learning resources & work independently.

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Learning material

Book + eBook: AED 220

eBook only valid 6 months: AED 120

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