Level test

Let's get back to French! Take our level test & get a personalized interview with a native certifed French teacher.

You will learn more about your French skills & get some guidance for a personalized study track. 

The level test consists of two parts:

  1. The online test (15 to 40 min)

  2. The oral interview with our teacher (20 min)


The price of the level test is AED 75. Once you have paid for your level test, we will send you the link to do the online test. Then we will call you to schedule your oral test.

1. Pay for your level test

2. Do the online test

3. Meet the teacher


1. Book your level test


Follow the steps below to book your level test:​

  1. Click on the "Booking" button below

  2. Select “Add to cart”

  3. Below you will see in red “Create an account”, click on it and create your account below.

  4. Fill in the billing details (FYI: ZIP code: 0000 / ID = EMIRATES ID) and click on “Proceed”.

  5. You will receive a confirmation mail.

If you are booking a level test for your child, please create the account in your child's name

If you are registering more than one child, please add your second child’s profile to your first child’s account:  

  1. Go to “My account”

  2. Select the tab “Information”

  3. Click on “Add a member”

  4. Fill in the form and click on “Continue”.

2. Do the online test


Within 72 hours, you will receive the link to do the online test. Please complete it at the earliest.

For the online test, you will need a tablet/computer and headphones (less than 40 minutes). It should be done at once and cannot be paused.

For children, parents can be next to their child in case of technical problems but should not help them.

You will only get your results when meeting the teacher after your oral test.

3. Meet our teachers


Once you have completed the written part, we will call you to schedule your oral test.


The oral test consists of a short interview with one of our teachers, for around 20 minutes. You will be asked a few questions in French, so the teacher can tell you what your level is and the courses you can join. 


Then you can either register online or with our receptionist. Feel free to call us for any enquiry at 04 335 87 12