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Do You Ever Ask Yourself…

  • What is truly important to me and how can I make it happen?

  • How can I be more motivated?

  • How can I get more energy and keep fit?

  • What can I do to UP my confidence?

  • How can I make my relationships more meaningful?


What is it that makes us talk about positive change and goals we wish to achieve but only a few actually do? People get change impulses from time to time, but unfortunately the impulses don’t last, the ideas fade away and get forgotten. On the other hand, when we realizing that these impulses are the signal we get from our intuition telling us that it is time for change or we could be missing out, and we take appropriate action in the right direction and commit, chances are we will follow through and accomplish our goals.

Coaching is an incredible process by which change happens. Based on increased self-awareness and commitment, and through focused conversations, guided questions, support and accountability provided by the coach, synergy is created and the result is exponentially greater than working on your own. Take the first step, take charge of your life and make the change happen.

Special Offer

Mindworkz Coaching offers 20% Discount to AF members on any workshop or One to One coaching. Additionally, your first session will be complimentary.