French for Toddlers

Our approach

​French language immersion for 2 to 3 years old! Children have a natural ability for languages. Early learning provides them with an asset, not just in terms of the languages they speak but also in their intellectual development. Come and spend 2 hours per week with your child and to help him/her immerse him/herself in the French language through songs and games adapted to their young age, from 2 to 3 years old.


Language is as important to human beings as water is to fish. Yes, it often seems that we go through life as unaware of language as we suppose the average fish is of the water it swims in. [. . .] Language awareness can be defined as an understanding of the human faculty of language and its role in thinking, learning, and social life. It includes awareness of power and control through language and the intricate relationships between language and culture.”

Van Lier, 1995 in his book “Introducing Language Awareness”



We open courses regularly, please call us for more information: 04 335 87 12