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Art Exhibition

We are all celebrities

from June 1 to June 19

Alliance Française Dubai presents We are all celebrities a solo art exhibition by Hercules Theodoros at La Galerie, curated by ZeeArts.


First Dubai solo show of UK resident Hercules Theodoros, ‘We are all celebrities’ brings to the fore some of Nature’s much loved and rarest animals including those threatened with extinction.

The artist shows his emotion as the expression of these animals are vividly seen. The drawings through human celebrities point to one important message – we all matter on this planet, we are interconnected and we are ALL celebrities..

Edith Piaf - Fox

Elvis Presley - Lion.png

George Moustaki - Lion

Elvis Presley - Lion

Artist Statement

I love Life. The pictures I draw either through linocuts or freehand are all about the Natural world and theplights of animals. To me, every single life matters and as the theme suggests, we need to be celebratedbecause we are all celebrities in our own right.


Humans as apex species have no predators and through our activities we are expanding into the Naturalworld and creating havoc for them and by extension to ourselves. The present pandemic bears testimony.For too long, our livelihood has been anchored in expanding into the wilderness and we are causing untolddamage to their lives.


Yet we can all live, in harmony, if only we are more caring and more sensitive.


I also abhor trophy hunting as it underscores human vanity at the cost of innocent lives.


As an illustrator, I draw Nature as I see it and as I feel for them. I want to share their feelings, their plightsthrough celebrities as they are more visible to the world. Thus I contribute to raising awareness throughmy Art which is a labour of love


About the Artist 

Hercules Theodoros presently resides in Canterbury in Kent, UK. He studied at the University for Creative Arts, UK and graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts. He went on to complete his BA in Fine Arts at the Christchurch University, Canterbury, UK.


Hercules has been passionate about Art especially wildlife. For an artist, he is more of an animator, drawer and illustrator. Hercules is also passionate about languages, and he speaks up to seven languages and speaks at least five fluently and smattering in a few others.

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