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Theater in Cinema

A prestigious stage, timeless shows... We invite you to experience the most enthralling stories in cinemas. From passion and betrayal to mistaken identities, deception and stratagems... the Troupe will embark you on a journey through the great classics of theatre on the big screen.

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Previous shows

Romeo & Juliet 

Text written by William Shakespeare, Directed by Éric Rufr // In French with English subtitles 

In Verona, an ancestral rivalry opposes Capulet and Montaigu. When Romeo Montaigu meets Juliette Capulet, a love is immediately born between them. They know the eternity of this love and foresee its tragic end...

Romeo and Juliet is probably Shakespeare's best known work. It has become, over time and the multiple adaptations of which it has been the object, the incarnation of the absolute love story. This tragedy that conceals tasty moments of comedy is a play of contrasts between the naivety of distraught teenagers and the programmed violence of the Montagues and Capulets who blood Verona.

Cyrano de Bergerac

Text written by Edmond Rostand, Directed by Denis Podalydès // In French with English subtitles 

Cyrano is afflicted with a prominent nose but gifted with words, thanks to which he helps the handsome Christian to conquer Roxane. Also in love with the young girl, he chooses not to reveal to her that every word of Christian's comes from his own heart.

"When, as actors of the Troupe, we put on plays, we unconsciously have the desire to show our theater, everything that makes us love it and stay in it. "It is in this spirit that Denis Podalydès has taken over the stage of the Salle Richelieu. Opéra-bouffe, tragedy, romantic drama, symbolist poetry, farce... all genres are called upon to make the score of this emblematic text of the French repertoire vibrate!

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