Screenings & Special Talks

Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 June

Places/Faces is a new film series about cities, city dwellers and urban culture, founded and curated by Hind Mezaina. The opening series will focus on Dubai and will followed by Talks with very Special Guests.

Saturday 12 June // 5 pm

A FALLIBLE GIRL directed by Conrad Clark is an underseen film about friendship, entrepreneurship and hardship in the city of Dubai.


Two Chinese women, Lifei and her best friend Yaya fight to hold onto their friendship as their latest enterprise, a mushroom farm in the desert surroundings of Dubai, runs into trouble. 

Followed by a special talk with writer Yuting Wang about the film and her latest book Chinese in Dubai: Money, Pride and Soul-Searching.


"A Fallible Girl is a film about globalisation — as well as a film that is itself the result of globalisation...However, despite the fact that it is a clear example of transnational cinema, and that it openly tackles the problematic of capitalism in our globalised world." (Cristina Álvarez López, Film Krant)

Language: English & Chinese with English subtitles

FeesAED 35 // FREE for AF students with promocode COMP // AED 15 for AF Library members

Sunday 13 June // 7 pm

Selection of 12 short films

Followed by a special talk with filmmakers Amirah Tajdin & Philip Jamal Rachid 


A Special Encounter to discuss their works, what it takes to be a filmmaker based here and the challenges faced in making personal artistic projects compared to commercial work. 


"Both filmmakers based in Dubai with two different styles but also in dialogue somehow - the intention was to show these films and then discuss the work and what it means to be a filmmaker based here and the kinds of works they can / cannot do"

Language: English only

FREE event

About curator Hind Mezaina

Hind is an artist, writer and film programmer from Dubai. She is also the co-founder of Tea with Culture podcast, and curates film screenings for Louvre Abu Dhabi and other independent initiatives. The Culturist, launched in 2009 by Hind, is a blog featuring all things culture-worthy in Dubai and beyond, with a special interest in film, music, photography and travel. 


Twitter: @hindmezaina // Instagram: @hindmezaina

Safety is our priority! 

  • Seats are are limited & set up in compliance with social distancing measures. 

  • Seats will be cleaned and disinfected after each event. 

  • Always wear a face mask or face shield at all times.

  • Stay at home if you suffer from: fever, dry cough and/or acute tiredness.