Please read carefully our course terms and conditions before joining your course. This will help you understand how we organise our activities.


Registration will only be effective once the payment is complete.

A minimum of six students is required to start a course. The Alliance Française Dubai reserves the right to cancel a course if the number of students enrolled is insufficient.

Students are requested to attend all the classes on time and avoid missing any classes. No cover up classes are offered if the student misses any classes on his/her own (if the class is not cancelled by the Alliance Française Dubai), in this case the student needs to cover up the missed classes on his/her own. No credit/refund/discount is possible on the missed class.

Students need to register and pay for the entire session. In case of preplanned or unforeseen absence, no reduction on fees, no refund and no credit will be possible.

Note for parents: At the end of each class, parents/nannies are requested to be present well before time to pick up the children.



Payment can be done by cash, credit card or online payment on the Alliance Française website www.afdubai.org

The Alliance Française Dubai will specify the discount/promotion period for course registrations through different means of communication. No discount will be offered after the end of this period.

If there is more than one registration from a same family, starting from the second member (3rd, 4th etc) of the family will be granted a 10% discount on the course fee.



In case if the course does not start on the scheduled date due to insufficient students, the classes will be postponed until further notice. If the class is cancelled due to any circumstances during the session, the Alliance Française Dubai reserves the right to define/fix a different date and time in order to cover up the missed class.

Postponement/refund of fees is possible only if a request is made 3 working days prior the beginning of the session, upon the submission of proof. Types of proof accepted:

  • Medical reason upon the submission of a medical certificate. Severe medical condition (surgery, hospitalization) stating the student cannot continue.

  • Professional reason: letter signed and stamped by the company stating the student cannot continue.

Once the session has started, postponement/refund requests will be accepted only within the first two weeks of the session, upon the submission of proof. The postponement/refund amount will be calculated by including: a charge of 10% penalty on the course fees and a reduction of the price from the date of the request. Even if a student has not attended any, the missed classes will be charged.

The postponement amount will not include the registration fees and books fees.

The registration fees are not refundable. Books can be refunded if only not used and are in good condition (new).

The Alliance Française Dubai reserves the right to accept/deny the postponement/refund request according to the situation.

Without the submission of the necessary documents, no request will be accepted.

No request will be accepted after two weeks of the start of the session, under any circumstances.

Examination: No postponement/refund of examination fees is possible at any circumstances once the registration date of any exam is over. If the candidate is unable to be present himself/herself for an exam, preplanned or unforeseen absence, no refund and no credit will be possible.


By registering to the Alliance Française Dubai, the students/parents authorize the Alliance Française Dubai to use a photograph or video of the student taken at the Alliance Française Dubai, in publications, online, social media and other communications related to the Alliance Francaise Dubai. In case, the student does not wish to publish the picture/video, an email has to be sent to info@afdubai.org

The Alliance Française reserves the right to collect information about students. The Alliance Française Dubai’s automated processing of information, including the management of user’s email addresses, is solely for internal use.


The Alliance Française Dubai reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions at any time.